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Apps for Applied Data Analysis

innovative | intuitive | Scientifically sound

ADABOX is an online toolbox that we have developed specifically for market researchers, designed to meet the needs of everyday statistical analysis.

It contains unique tools for market simulations, causal/driver analyses, price research, TURF analyses, mapping procedures and segmentations, featuring both ease of use and efficient and innovative algorithms.

ADABOX offers the benefits of global access, no need for installation, and constant access to the current version. Access to a project for colleagues and clients is administered by means of a comprehensive user and project management system. ADABOX is thus the optimal supplement to your standard statistical software.

There are different ways for using ADABOX:

Regardless of whether it is a project license or an annual license, whether you would like to analyze your data yourself or would like support from us, we have the right solution for you, also for individual apps in the ADABOX.

Feel free to contact us.

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